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About Us

Who We Are

Our mission at Boxuchan is to construct the best personalized anime DVD boxes on the internet. To support this, is not only a hub for purchasing a box but anime news, videos and exclusive content is available as well.

A Statement from the Owner

Hello, my name is Nick and I started Boxuchan with the goal in mind of creating a service for anyone who wants Anime DVD's but don't know where to start or want to try something new. When I first watched anime, all I knew was what was on Toonami and WB kids at the time. It wasn't until my dad's friend hand selected some anime for us to borrow, that I learned that there was so much more to see. That was ten years ago and a lot has changed, anime has become widely more accessible. With that however comes the overwhelming amount of choices. In times of indecisiveness, I looked to see if there was an anime DVD box service, with indivduality in mind, handpicking them just like my family's friend did all that time ago. Unfortunately I didn't see any such thing. So I decided to change that and created Boxuchan!

Why should you purchase a Boxuchan today?

I have collected anime for the better part of a decade. In that time I have watched all sorts of series, movies and original video animations's ranging from anime's early years to now. Adding in an educated background of a degree in Small Business Management, please rest assured you will have a quality and professional experience.